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Privacy Policy

updated: May 24, 2018

Welcome to my site! At DiannaWilkes.com, I respect your privacy and I collect only a minimal amount of information from my visitors, and only if they want to keep in touch with me.

Just browsing my website, you won’t be tracked in any way that will trace back to you personally. My hosting company does track site visitors anonymously and provides me with general information about where you came from, what browser you use, and how long you stayed on the site. This helps me make sure that I’m providing you with the best experience on the site. But none of that tracks back to you personally.

I use robust security software and SSL (encryption) to protect you while you visit my site. Any information that you send to me through the contact or subscription forms is encrypted to and from my site.

Here are the areas that actually collect information:

Contact Form

If you contact me through the contact form on this site, my site will send me an email with the information you provide, including your email address, your name, your ip address, and your message. That message is checked for spam by CleanTalk. CleanTalk will store your information temporarily to give me a chance to change the classification of spam or not spam that they have associated with your message. This information will also be stored on my server in case I need to reference it later.

Subscription Form

I only ask for your email address on my subscription form. This is checked against a list of known spammers by CleanTalk and then sent to MailerLite for processing. MailerLite manages my email list for me. If you ever want to unsubscribe, just click unsubscribe from the bottom of my mailings and you’ll be removed immediately.


My site uses cookiesThese are small files added to your web browser to store things like the security software’s decision that you are a human and therefore have access to roam the site freely. Don’t worry, you can set your browser to reject cookies and this site will continue to function. The security software will just check each time a page loads to make sure you’re still human.

A Note to International Users

This Site is hosted in the United States. If you are accessing the Site from outside the United States, by providing your information to the Site, you are consenting to the transfer of your information to the United States for processing and maintenance in accordance with this Privacy Notice. You are also consenting to the application of United States law in all matters concerning the Site.

Questions or Concerns?

You can email me at dianna (at) diannawilkes (dot) com.

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