Interior designer Dana Canfield never expected to become a widow. Determined to rebuild her life, she relocates her business to gorgeous Providence Island off the coast of Virginia. Providence may be a small town, but she’s already got her first major challenge: the Main Street renovation project.

A close call with death on her first day rattles Dana, and she soon learns there are secrets in her past that she was unaware of. Some of those secrets follow her to Providence Island. And some are waiting there for her.

Dana’s BMW convertible is what catches the eye of hunky mechanic Nick Warden, but it’s Dana who captures his interest. Their budding relationship hits a speed bump when Nick realizes that the series of strange—and terrifying—incidents plaguing Dana over the past year are connected to her late husband’s murder.

Nick and Dana’s relationship leaps from zero to sixty, but danger’s not far behind. Can they solve a quarter-century-old mystery before it’s too late?

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Jamie Danvers is making a fresh start on Providence Island—a home, good friends, and a challenging career. Her boss, Dana Canfield, believes in her, something Jamie hasn’t experienced for a long time. Falling in love with architect Rhys McCall wasn’t in her plan, especially since he’s Dana’s son. Can she trust her instincts that Rhys might be the One?

Workaholic Rhys McCall put off having a personal life for too long. Jamie’s beauty catches his interest but it’s her clever mind and quick wit that keeps him on his toes. He’s ready to believe in Forever After.

But the path to love isn’t that easy.

A killer roams the streets of PI. He’s murdered two people already, and Rhys appears to be next in his sights. Or has a new threat come to PI? Until Rhys discovers who’s targeting him, he can’t put Jamie’s life at risk even if it means losing her love.

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